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PC repairer and computer troubleshooting expert in Geneva

Info Plus Genève is your reference partner in Geneva for the maintenance and repair of your computer equipment. With our experience in the field, we are available to repair your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, your cell phone (iOS and Android), your printers, your tablets and any type of computer support. We can also provide you with our expertise in PC cleaning and computer viruses and help you recover lost data.

We are also qualified to intervene in companies for any problem of computer network or defective material or for the configuration of company messaging such as Outlook. We guarantee a quality intervention and a neat work. For any request for a quote or estimate of intervention, we invite you to contact us by email (describing your problem) or by phone at the number indicated, to obtain a fast and free diagnosis.

PC repair

Our passion for computers naturally led us to the desire to share our knowledge with those for whom computer problems are insurmountable. We repair all types of PCs or can even build you a custom one.

The 21st century is resolutely turned towards IT and computer services. Having a defective computer, whether it is Microsoft or Apple, can become a real headache and a real hindrance to one’s economic activity or a waste of time in daily life.

For any problem requiring a repair, we are at your service to assess your equipment and provide you with an adequate response to your problem. To be put in touch with a member of our team and get a quick and accurate diagnosis, please click on the link below.

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PC assembly

There are two ways to buy a computer: either already prepared in a store like Migros or Fnac, or get a fully customized one with high-end parts for intensive use or gaming, assembled by a professional preparer. This is what we propose here.

Modifying and preparing your computer is possible since the computer was born. There are a lot of reasons to call a computer repairman for this.

For example, you can choose a gaming PC case with lots of vents and lights for a pro gamer effect.

We can also install water cooling so that your computer never gets hot, even if you use it intensively for gaming or image processing. We can also upgrade your RAM memory or internal hard drives for more storage capacity.

Computer security

To scan your PC or MAC and find out if it is affected by a virus or malware, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can intervene on it quickly and as efficiently as possible. We can also detect any spyware installed on it without your consent.

The need for computer security has never been greater. Your computer may be infected with malware or viruses. These malware are real poisons and can damage or steal your data (including bank data) if you don’t remedy it very quickly.

We can easily diagnose your device and see if it is infected or if there have been previous intrusion attempts on your computer. To get a free quote and find out when your hacked computer will be back to normal, we invite you to click on the link below.

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Network & System

A computer network is a grouping of several PCs (or other electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, printers etc.) allowing the exchange and sharing of data. It is an essential point to organize and secure to be able to surf with peace of mind on the internet and to exchange files without fearing spying or theft of these data.

Networks and systems are very important in a company because it is through the local network that the computer park is connected, and it is through this network that all the internal data transit. It is therefore essential to have a secure home and local network to be able to make online payments, or classify data on the cloud and this, with peace of mind.

We can’t advise you enough to have your network & system settings secured and of course we can do it for you. We can also do this for individuals who are concerned about their online security.

Installation videosurveillance Geneve

Video surveillance

Video surveillance has become commonplace and is now part of our lives. Most cities are equipped with cameras, and most private places including parking lots or shopping centers. The private individuals also equip themselves with video surveillance cameras, because of their miniaturization and their democratization.

For their maintenance and the update of their hardware, call upon professionals who will be able to advise you and maintain your video surveillance cameras, whether they are indoor or outdoor. Indeed, a well-maintained camera park can dissuade malicious individuals wishing to break into your home or premises.

To maximize deterrence and/or facilitate the recognition of criminals, it is wise to either equip yourself with video surveillance cameras, or to proceed with the upgrading and maintenance of your existing installations. To benefit from our expertise on video surveillance networks, click on the link below.

Reparation telephone portable Geneve

Phone unlocking

It is very common to buy a used phone on the internet and it arrives blocked for various reasons. We offer you our support to unlock your smartphone, regardless of the brand and OS. To get an expertise and unlock your phone, please contact us, our team will answer you as soon as possible.

If you have purchased a phone package and with a subsidized phone, it is likely that it arrives “simlocked”. This means that the operator has blocked your device and its use is limited.  You have to unlock it to use it freely.

The phone may also need repair such as battery replacement (which have limited lifetimes also considering the use that is made of it), or screen replacement, a tedious operation that requires some experience. You can send us through the contact form, the information of your model and what to do on it for estimation.


Rates for computer troubleshooting in Geneva

We practice the fairest possible rates when you entrust us with your equipment to be repaired or an installation to be carried out:

  • First hour : 100 CHF
  • From the second hour : 50 CH
  • Estimate : free

For any particular request, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible via the form that you will find under each block of information on this page, by email or by phone. As soon as we receive your request, we will study it and come back to you quickly.

We are two professionals in the field of computer repair and maintenance and we can move easily to serve the whole canton of Geneva with more and more mobility. No need to search anymore, if you want to repair your laptop or your smartphone, we are the solution guaranteed efficiency.

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We are truly multi-brand and can work on Apple, Microsoft and Google devices. We can replace any part, or install any program you want on your hardware and are at your disposal to solve your computer problems.

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Professional and responsive technicians

Our technicians are all trained, professional and fully qualified to work on the equipment you entrust to us. They are listening to you and will take care of your equipment. For more information on our way of working, do not hesitate to send us an email, we will answer you as soon as possible.